The healthcare ecosystem is catching up with mobility as much as any other industry, and is transforming like never before with optimal usage of critical information. Caregivers and consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of mobile health solutions.

Healthcare services have rapidly changed in the last two decades due to much of the reported information (orders, test results, diagnoses and consultation notes) merging from paper documentation to electronic. The shift to electronically stored information has helped increase the speed of diagnosis and improve the quality of treatment, while ultimately boosting customer satisfaction. This shift makes mobility a viable possibility in healthcare.

As electronic communication is evolving, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become the preferred tools for communicating. Each department within a healthcare organization (patient-care, community-care, emergency-care, clinical collaboration, workforce management and hospital administration) can benefit from mobility services.

Real-time access to patient information and better communication and collaboration between doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, allow for timely and accurate patient assessments and informed care decisions. Mobility allows healthcare beneficiaries to access records, communicate with clinicians and manage appointments. To enable this multi-directional information flow, systems will need to be seamlessly networked across the ecosystem.

Healthcare Mobility Services

gooidev specializes in the integration and support of wireless medical devices and mobile workstations used to capture and present clinical data. In addition, gooidev provides mobile health solutions to help clinicians, doctors, and medical equipment manufacturers to upgrade to the trendy and efficient solutions, thereby increasing the performance and reducing the cost of care. By bridging the gap between people and technology, gooidev medical mobility solutions seek to improve patient engagement and enhance the overall patient experience. Our solutions will soon extend to biometric sensors, augmented reality and genomic sequencers.

Case Study – Healthcare Mobility – Physician & Customer Interaction Management Solution

The gooidev mobility solution developed for one of the leading healthcare service providers in India has multiple apps, including the Patient Record Mobile application, responsible for capturing and viewing received care. The core of the application is to display the patient

information and maintain patient health status records such as medical history and recent lab results. The Doctor’s Mobile application allows doctors to view appointments, patient history and health status. The Patient +App allows patients to fix and manage appointments from the comfort of their homes


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