The present generation is a population hungry for apps wanting to be constantly-connected across multiple devices. Thus arises the need for enterprises to offer a single app with a consistent multi-device-optimised experience.

Kony is a platform that provides a multi-channel strategy at no extra development costs, while allowing enterprises to take control of their digital strategy. Organizations have to simplify and streamline app design, development and deployment to satisfy the ever growing expectations of users. Kony offers such a solution.

Kony Visualizer, Kony Studio, Kony Management and Kony MobileFabric mobile development platforms give the provision of open connectivity through web services and industry standard connectors. It has J2EE and Eclipse-based architecture.

gooidev– Kony Platform Mobile App Development

The Enterprise Mobility Development team at gooidev utilizes Kony’s end-to-end SDLC solution for developing, deploying, managing and analyzing mobile apps of high standards. The expertise of gooidev’s mobile developers with Kony’s powerful IDE, open APIs, data connects, mobile app management and synchronization from B2C and B2E mobile apps, leverage enterprise-grade backend services for integration, authentication, push messaging, and offline data synchronization.


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