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The logistics industry continues to grow, but many have chosen not to pursue the industry due to the difficulties of fleet management.

Mobility solutions bring fleet management control to your fingertips. Previous solutions involved great risk, and didn’t allow for real-time monitoring, but gooidev’s mobile solutions and device integration make efficient tracking and management of fleet operations possible.

gooidev - Logistics Solutions

The logistics solutions from gooidev are powerful tools that help streamline day-to-day operations by simplifying estimation, ordering and tracking of shipments. Every new job opens with an automated estimate. Quicker, clearer and more accurate quotes earn customer satisfaction by providing the most accurate estimate in the least amount of time.

Our powerful features to track and monitor your fleet of vehicles off many advantages:

  • Improve driver/vehicle visibility and improve security by tracking real-time movement
  • Reduce cost of idling and unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Maximize productivity by tracking real driven routes
  • Work towards improving customer satisfaction by monitoring client visits and helping them track their own shipments. This helps reduce receiving calls from customers
  • Monitor specific tasks and maximize workflow control of your operations by having full visibility of everything that is going on
  • Lower unnecessary operational and maintenance cost


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