MBaaS Enterprise Solutions

Want to develop a mobile app but you lack the right infrastructure and/or skills?

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) are solutions that offer you pre-built, cloud-hosted components for developing mobile application backends. They help reduce the time, investment and complexity involved in developing mobile apps. Developers can rapidly build, use and manage their cloud applications utilizing the growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks. These services are provided via the use of SDKs and APIs.

gooidev - mBaaS Enterprise Solutions

gooidev adopted an early partnership with IBM innovation centre to provide robust mBaaS solutions through IBM Bluemix.

We can deliver solutions for your app needs, including core app, analytics and push notifications, with native SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Unity, and more.


  • Binary Storage
  • Device Syncing and caching
  • DataStore API for storage on the cloud
  • Push notifications
  • Online/offline workflow
  • Integration with social networking sites
  • Automatically generated REST based interfaces for reading & writing data
  • Secured connectivity


  • Less time for application/infrastructure provisioning
  • Support any lack of internal technical resources
  • Possibility of flexible capacity
  • Brings down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Accelerated New workloads (social, mobile, big data analytics) exploration


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