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E-commerce encompasses the online sales of a wide range of goods and services, online banking, bill payment and information delivery using electronic devices like computers, mobile phones or laptops. These devices interact with computer networks that have the ability to conduct online merchandise purchases. Mobile e-commerce (M-commerce) is a term specific to online sales transactions carried out using mobile devices (dashtop mobile devices, personal digital assistants or smart phones).

It is estimated that 55% of time spent with online retail occurs on smartphones and tablets. In 2018, mobile commerce sales on smartphones and tablets will account for 47% of total web sales worldwide, according to investment bank, The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

To succeed in today’s commerce landscape, it has become a necessity to offer consumers a seamless mobile experience.

gooidev M-commerce & E-commerce solutions are optimized for content, presentation, speed, and navigation appropriate to the device and mobile network capability. These are achieved through sophisticated application designs that are constantly emerging and evolving.


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