The Point-of-Sale is the point where any retail transaction is completed. Over time, the Point-of Sale has evolved from being a cash box into the latest mobile device, ie. a Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) System. As enterprises are choosing to go mobile, point-of-sale systems at retail, restaurant and hospitality services are evolving.

A mPOS system can be a smartphone, a tablet or a dedicated wireless device. Some systems are used like an electronic cash register to sell and record sales in places such as supermarkets, restaurants or hotels. But some are also used in high-end IT infrastructure where they are linked into back-office systems, ordering applications and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Security risks are lowered by storing customer data directly in the cloud where it is encrypted, instead of being left on the device. Enterprises get the advantage of reduced cost, manpower and time, whereas the customers are able to receive quick, accurate and secure transaction details right from the comfort of their location.

Mobile Point-Of-Sale Systems

gooidev brings your enterprise’s point-of-sale into the palm of your hand. We provide a powerful range of point-of-sale workflows for a complete retail solution. Retailers and service providers can make their employees more productive at lower costs. Our systems help enterprises increase accuracy, speed up transactions, and give customers receive detailed receipts on the spot.


Our security and wireless experts develop customizable and innovative solutions:

  • Front-counter POS and back-office management systems
  • Interactive selling on iPad and Mobile
  • Easy Navigation
  • Tightly-integrated mCommerce solutions
  • Scalable server technology that is multi-user, multi-store, and extensible via a developer API.

Our solutions include advanced features such as financials, CRM, inventory management, etc., all built into the POS system.


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