Men, man-hours and money are the vital resources of any enterprise. Effective and efficient performance and utility of these resources will generate high return on investment and great customer satisfaction. Automation of the workforce adds value to business services.

With the onset of exponential developments in communication, networking and connectivity, enterprises are going in for Mobile Workforce Automation that is set to drive the achievement of ultimate resource utilization. Any workforce management involves integrated planning, assigning, scheduling, executing, monitoring, evaluating and rewarding. Automation of these processes reduce operating costs while speeding up operations and improving customer satisfaction. MWAS is is a must for any asset-intensive industry with field operations teams.

gooidev – Mobile Workforce Automation Services

gooidev is a leader in developing and optimizing end-to-end automation solutions for mobile workforce. Our solutions help you track the workforce team from any location for all types of related operations. It is a live, real-time tracking system designed to receive, store and transmit the location information. gooidev’s Mobile Workforce Tracking Solution uses GPS or GPRS integrated solutions to manage, schedule and communicate with your mobile workers.

gooidev solutions can operate with the latest devices in the market (Android, tablets, iPhone, iPads, etc). Enterprises have the flexibility of choosing the device that works best for their environment, while still being able to leverage the most powerful mobile solutions designed specifically for the way field technicians work.


  • Job types, resource capabilities and priorities determine the allocation of jobs
  • Detailed street-level mapping and routing
  • Automatic rescheduling according to planned alterations and real-time status updates
  • Optimization that accurately reflects all business priorities and is affordable


  • Optimizes on-time responses and job completions
  • Brings down travel distance, travel time, vehicle emissions and missed schedules
  • Enhances productivity and decreases man-hours and overheads
  • Encompasses work administration, performance monitoring and training.


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