Developed By :
GooiDev Technology Pvt Ltd.

Description: :
The Sales Manager is a powerful field sales system. It is faster and more accurate than the traditional paper-based methods and can handle large amounts of data.

This is developed using the Multi-Platform tool called Kony Studio. This IDE acts as a plugin of Eclipse. It is developed with JS (java Script) which supports most of all the platforms. Even the UI designs of the App can be created with Kony Visualizer tool, the designs can be seen through our own devices using Kony app for mobiles, ipads and tabs and thus increases BYOD utility.

Events and tasks can be created for the salesmen by the Admin through this app. Barcodes can be scanned and invoices can be printed. The salesmen do not have to lug around a heavy laptop. He just needs the phone that he already carries. The Sales Manager is a cloud based system. It allows the salesmen to download product and customer data from a web server, take orders in the field and upload the details back to the server. People can use the cart to select a number of products and their preferences can be saved for over a period according to their need. Each company uses their own server and has their own database, which it can maintain using a web application specific to the company to manage the application.